Nina C. Young

Composer and Sound Artist

Out of whose womb came the ice (2017)
baritone voice, chamber orchestra: [1111.1111. timp. 2perc. pno, strings: 11111], electronics, and optional generative video
(commissioned by the Jerome Foundation and the ACO’s Francis Thorne Fund)

Agnosco Veteris (2015)
orchestra: [2222.4331. timp. 3perc. hp, pno, strings]
(Jacob Duckman Prize Commission for Robert Spano leading the Aspen Philharmonic Orchestra)

When Eyes Meet (2015)
for 10 musicians: fl, cl, tbn, 2 perc, pno, egtr, vln, vla, vlc (~05:30)
(commissioned by 2015 American Composers Forum Composition Competition, for wild Up)

Vestigia Flammae (2014)
15 musicians [1211.1110. perc. pno, strings: 11111]
(written for the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne 2014 Forum) (~14:00)

Fata Morgana (2014)
symphonic brass ensemble: +2 perc. (commissioned by the Tanglewood Music Center) (~09:15)

Fata Morgana (2014)
version for orchestra (2014): [2222.4221.timp.3perc.hp.pno.strings] (~11:00)

Traced Upon Cinders (2014)
13 players [1010.1110.perc.pno.egtr.strings: 11111] (~10:45)
(written for ensemble Either/Or)

Remnants (2012)
orchestra [2222.4221.2perc.hp.pno.strings: 65432] (~13:00)

The Moon in the Water (2011)
mezzo soprano and chamber wind ensemble (~03:45)

Not Waving But Drowning (2009)
viola, piano, mixed choir (~10:50)

Adieu (2009)
orchestra (~08:00)

Nina C. Young - composer