Nina C. Young

Composer and Sound Artist

Title: Remnants
Performer: American Composers Orchestra (ACO)
Instrumentation: orchestra
Duration: 11:30 [3 minute excerpt] - Full recording available upon request
Year Composed: 2012

Program Note:

In writing this work I attempted to create a sonic experience that is somewhat unfamiliar in the context of the well-established orchestral tradition comprised of centuries old instruments. Using concepts from my work in electro-acoustic composition, I sought orchestral equivalents of the sonic environments and morphing of sound more readily found in computer music practice. In experiencing this work, I invite the listener to imagine the orchestra as one giant instrument - a resonating body. As the music unfolds over time, explore the instrumental hybrid, listen to how each musical statement expands and decays over time, how colors and articulations resonate through the ensemble, and how the traces of sounds (the remnants that are left) evolve over time.


The excerpt of "Remnants" below was recorded live at the American Composers Orchestra's 2013 Underwood New Music Readings.

Please inquire to access a full recording (available only for educational purposes).

Nina C. Young - composer