Nina C. Young

Composer and Sound Artist

News from 2013:

I can't think of a better birthday present - a trip to Montreal focused around Sixtrum premiering Etched in Sand at Salle Bourgie. I am humbled to have been included in a concert with Philippe Leroux's masterworks De l'itération and De la vitesse, along with a premiere by Nicolas Tzortis.
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This summer I met and collaborated with many fantastic musicians. Violist Jocelin Pan and I got along especially well and have continued working together. She recently commissioned a new piece, l'heure blue, for flute and viola which she will premiere with Daniel James at Juilliard tomorrow evening.

Many thanks to Sugar Vendil and the Nouveau Classical Project for including my piece Meditation in this fun, cocktail-inspired event, with a special guest appearance of DJ Pepepiano. Another boon - Julia Adlophe and I got to reunite after too many years.

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On August 28th, 2013 I went to the studio (Ballet Hispanico) where Miro Magloire was working with the New Chamber Ballet for an upcoming performance with Argento at the 2013 Moving Sounds Festival. Miro is currently choreographing a ballet to my newly finished octet Tethered Within. Oberon's Grove blog did a little write-up on the rehearsals in the studio that day.

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Miro Magloire's New Chamber Ballet partnered with the Argento Chamber Ensemble to present an evening of dance and contemporary music featuring the music of George Friedrich Haas, Anton Weber, Michele Galante, Arthur Kampela, and Beat Furrer as part of the 2013 Moving Sounds Festival. This performance also included the world premiere of my piece Tethered Within. The performance was beautiful and I am so grateful to have worked with such amazing interpreters (of music and and ballet) and to have been in the company of such fantastic music! The evening received a very favorable review.

Nina Young
In July I was interviewed by Stephanie Hiltz and this resulted in a "Rise" article in the Boston Globe: Nina C. Young: A classical girl in a digital world.

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On August 28th, 2013 I went to the studio (Ballet Hispanico) where Miro Magloire was working with the New Chamber Ballet for an upcoming performance with Argento at the 2013 Moving Sounds Festival. Miro is currently choreographing a ballet to my newly finished octet Tethered Within. Oberon's Grove blog did a little write-up on the rehearsals in the studio that day.

Evan Antonellis Nina Young Nathan Heidelberger Tonia Ko Robert Honstein Yie-eun Chun
Meet the 2013 Composition Fellows of the Tanglewood Music Center - Tonia Ko, Nathan Heidelberger, Robert Honstein, Yie-Eun Chun, and Evan Antonellis; and our mentors John Harbison and Michael Gandolfi. We just completed our first project of the summer, culminating in a Vocal Concert that was coached by Dawn Upshaw. Next up is the Composer-as-Conductor Project. Upon arrival at Tanglewood we each wrote new octets that we'll now conduct with the New Fromm Players next week.

ACO American Composers Orchestra
Congratulations to A.J. McCaffrey for winning the 2013 ACO Underwood Commission. I look forward to hearing his new orchestral work during the 2014-15 concert season. I'm also humbled to have received this year's Audience Choice Award. As a winner, I have been commissioned to compose an original mobile phone ring ton which will be available to all voters.

New Music Box Press Release

Off to Tanglewood for 8 weeks of music heaven!

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Wild Rumpus just announced the results of their 2012 Commissioning Project. I'm looking forward to writing them a new work for soprano, flute, clarinet, piano, electric guitar, violin, and cello titled Out of whose womb came the ice.

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Just returned back from my first ever trip to St. Louis for the 2013 SEAMUS Conference. It was a pretty exciting event with a lot of interesting developments in the world of computer/electronic music, and it's always great to reconnect with friends and mentors. Many thanks to Leonid Ioagensen for once again performing Sun Propeller and with such gusto! I'm also very grateful to SEAMUS for awarding me 1st Prize in the ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Commissioning Competition. I look forward to writing a new work to be premiered in May 2014 at the Wesleyan conference. Now to decide on the piece....!

ACO American Composers Orchestra
Thank you to the American Composers Orchestra, George Manahan, Robert Beaser, Joan Tower, Christopher Theofanidis, and Derek Bermel for a very rewarding orchestra experience. The ability to hear my orchestra work Remnants in live performance was one of the greatest orchestration lessons I have every had. Now it's time to make some revisions!

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Remnants (2012) for orchestra was chosen for the 22nd Annual Underwood New Music Readings. This year's readings are under the direction of ACO's Artistic Director, composer Robert Beaser, and will be conducted by ACO Music Director George Manahan, with Christopher Theofanidis and Joan Tower as mentor composers.

This year, six of the nation’s most promising composers in the early stages of their professional careers have been selected from over 150 submissions received from around the country. The selected composers – Jonathan Blumhofer, Louis Chiappetta, Joshua Groffman, Saad Haddad, A.J. McCaffrey, and Nina C. Young – represent a broad spectrum of musical backgrounds and sound worlds.

Press Release

The JACK Quartet absolutely ripped it at tonight's Columbia Composers concert at the DiMenna Center. Great performances of substantial and strong works by Taylor Brook, Natacha Diels, Alec Hall, and Paul Clift. They premiered Phase I of my string quartet Memento Mori. You can check-out a video of the performance.

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Emily Westell is a violin goddess and truly versatile, sensitive musician! She recently began performing on the 1717 WIndsor-Weinstein Stradivari violin, on load by the Canada Council for the Arts Musical Instrument Bank. Emily has been championing my recent Sun Propeller for violin and electronics. She'll be performing it quite a few times in the coming months: 03/03 at the Westfield Festival of New Music, 03/22 at N SEME & conTemplum's New Music Symposium at Temple University, 3/24 on a solo recital at Tanna Schulich Hall at McGill University, and on 4/4 in Elebash Recital Hall at the 2013 New York Electroacoustic Music Festival.

Many thanks to all of the students and faculty at University of Iowa for hosting me and for a great performance of Sun Propeller by Leonid Iogansen.

Thrilled to be back in Montreal and this time working with the Sixtrum Percussion Ensemble. Sixtrum is hosting a Young Composers Workshop that is focused on works with the same instrumentation as Philippe Leroux's De L'Itération. I'm at Timpani Percussion with Leroux, Duncan Schouten, and Nicolas Tzortis to workshop our pieces in progress. Based on the results, I'll finish my new piece Etched in Sand, which will be premiered by Sixtrum in the fall.

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Happy New Year! This year promises to be an exciting one - and I cannot believe that one of my lifelong dreams will finally be coming true - I'll be a fellow this summer at the Tanglewood Music Center. I'm really looking forward to spending 8 weeks in the Berkshires surrounded by amazing musicians!

Nina C. Young - composer