Nina C. Young

Composer and Sound Artist

Title: Kolokol (2010)
Performer: Yuxi Qin and Wensi Yan
Instrumentation: two pianos and electronics
Duration: 11:09

Program Note:

The inspiration for Kolokol comes from a study of traditional Russian Orthodox Church Bells. This piece is based on the seventeen Danilov Bells that hang at Harvard University's Lowell House. The original bells were returned to Russia during the summer of 2008. Today, seventeen new bells (replicas of the original Danilov Bells) hang in the bell tower. I traveled to Harvard in the Fall of 2009 to make field recordings of these bells. These recordings are featured both directly and indirectly in the composition - as basis for the harmonies and a model for the electronics. The piece consists of four movements to be played without pause. These movements are my own take on a "fantasy" approach to traditional Russian Orthodox ringing practice. The core for each movement comes from a common ringing style (after which it is named) and is then developed and embellished to create my one impressionistic take on a journey within the sounds of the bells.
Nina C. Young - composer