Nina C. Young

Composer and Sound Artist

Title: Bayu-bayu (2011)
Instrumentation: 2-channel fixed media playback
Duration: 05:56

Program Note:

Bayu-bayu is a part of my electro-acoustic Nocturnes series. These are a set of acousmatic pieces that explore a variety of night-time sounds, affects, and emotions. Some works embrace the calm and peaceful silence of night while others explore the more twisted and phantasmagoric thoughts associated with these dark hours. The title of Bayu-bayu comes from a popular Russian lullaby Bayu-bayushki-bayu:


Не ложися на краю.
Придёт серенький волчок,
Он ухватит за бочок
И утащит во лесок
Под ракитовый кусток.
English translation:

Baby, baby, rock-a-bye
On the edge you mustn't lie
Or the little grey wolf will come
And will nip you on the tum,
Tug you off into the wood
Underneath the willow-root.

Ne lozhisya na krayu.
Pridyot serenkiy volchok,
On ukhvatit za bochok
I utashchit vo lesok
Pod rakitovy kustok.

As with many lullabies, the song is meant to be soothing and help one sleep, however, the meaning of the text has a darker undercurrent. My work explores the dream-state of restless sleep and includes quotes of the above melody. This piece was influenced by Yuriy Norshteyn's 1979 film Skazka skazok (Tale of Tales).
Nina C. Young - composer